Baby slapper busted.
Baby slapper busted.

Roger Stephens, 61, chose to endanger the welfare of a child, rather than defend it. While shopping at a Stone Mountain, GA, Wal-Mart, Stephens warned the mother of a crying toddler, “If you don’t shut that baby up I will shut her up for you.” The child continued to cry, and Stephens made good on his threat, slapping the two-year-old several times. He was arrested for felony cruelty to children and held without bond.

When it comes to the welfare of children, it is the responsibility of society to tirelessly defend their rights. If you see something hinky going on that involves a child, step up and do the right thing. Don’t worry about being PC. It’s in worrying about our own status that we fail our children.

6 thoughts on “MYOB?!

  1. Thanks for stopping by hellgirl14. I agree with you. I think he just appeared in court for the incident. I hope they threw the book at him. I could just imagine how the inmates would treat him in jail. But yeah, he was totally out of line – the child wasn’t even his! What gives people the right to reprimand another person’s child?! I can understanding intervening if you thought a parent or guardian was abusing a child, but this was just the opposite. Just awful.

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