Adding Fuel to the Flames

California wildfires caused by arson.
California wildfires caused by arson.

Investigators in California have confirmed that the cause of the massive wildfire in the Southern region of the state was caused by arson. According to the U.S. Forest Service, the fire has swept through more than 147,000 acres, burning for more than a week and destroying dozens of homes in the Los Angeles area. Twenty-one firefighters have suffered injuries battling the wildfires, and two firefighters suffered fatal injuries while trying to escape the flames.

A homicide investigation has been launched in the case of the fallen firefighters since the wildfire was determined to be caused by arson. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is heading up the investigation.

3 thoughts on “Adding Fuel to the Flames

  1. I lived on Boston Ave. in La Crescenta ’till 1998 and would have been evacuated during this fire. The sad truth is if there are no thunder storms for lightning fires or wind for downed power lines almost always arson is the cause of these brush fires. When the Santa Ana winds kick-in the nut-cases come out of hiding.

  2. audiegrl

    We will have to pick LC’s brain on the pathology of Firestarters, and I don’t mean the Drue Barrymore/Stephen King kind. This is really sick.

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